Baby Changing Mat "You are loved little one"

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Beautiful baby changing mats

Changing our babies nappy is something we do every single day, with love and care, so why can't a baby changing mat reflect that? We set about putting the love back into baby changing with our new designs. Based on much loved quotes with cute illustrations, we hope you agree they're just adorable!


Gorgeous mid grey design featuring the beloved quote "You are loved, little one" with beautiful illustrations. 

Hygenic and easy to clean

It's one thing to have a baby changing mat that looks beautiful, but it has to be easy to live with too! Our changing mats use a special pvc material that is wipe clean and safe for use with babies. Hygeine is especially important, so we've made the mats really easy to clean. 

Comfortable for baby

We favour the goldilocks principal for changing mat comfort, not too firm but not too soft! These mats use a special foam that is comfortable for your baby and that wont lose its shape over time. 

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