When to start wearing maternity clothes

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It's something I've talked about so many times with my friends, just when is the right time to start wearing maternity clothes? Maternity clothes have changed a lot in the last 15 years, gone are the days of giant dungarees and expanding clown trousers, style has taken over and now maternity clothes are just adapted versions of the newest fashion looks.  Lots of women still chose to wear regular clothing while pregnant, but for those who don't here is our definitive guide to wearing maternity clothes.

When is the best time to start wearing maternity clothes?

The truthful answer is that there is no right time to start, it's different for different people! Everyone's pregnancy is different, there is no right or wrong. in the beginning you can usually get away with adapting normal clothes, leaving buttons undone and wearing clothes that happen to have an elastic waste. However, as your pregnancy develops you'll be much more comfortable in specially designed maternity clothing.

We surveyed some of our customers, here's their experience wearing maternity clothes: 

"I've been in maternity pants since around 14 weeks" Emma W

"I started showing really early, so I think I bought my first maternity products at around 10 weeks! I also ended up buying some other items, compression socks and maternity tights were a god send!" Sarah P

"Well I'm at 17 weeks and I still haven't bought that many maternity items! I've used various skin care items and belly oil to avoid stretch marks, but that's it for me!" Kelly T

"I started wearing maternity clothes at home first, just because they are so much more comfortable, this was at about 12 weeks. At 18 weeks onwards I started to wear them to work too, the first item I wore were shirts as I outgrew mine so quickly!" Tess M

"The first thing I bought was a decent maternity bra, this was early on at about 8 weeks. It was at 14 weeks when I needed to buy new trousers." Rebecca F

What maternity clothes to buy

First thing first, let's cover the essentials! There are most definitely some maternity basics every mum to be should consider. 

1. Maternity Compression Socks

Maternity compression socks (get yours here) are a pregnancy essential, ideal for all stages of pregnancy. They can be worn under your normal clothes in place of normal socks, supporting your legs and stopping fatigue and swelling from setting in!

2. Maternity Tights

Maternity tight give you style and support at all stages of your pregnancy. They're a great addition to your wardrobe as they adapt as your belly grows. With gentle support, they can be worn with skirts and dresses. Try Venosure maternity tights here. 

3. Maternity Bra

A maternity bra is a souped-up version of your normal bra that gives your growing breasts the support and comfort they need during pregnancy. They're more adjustable than normal bras with more hooks at the back, and often have more padding and wider straps. 

Comfortable maternity clothes

First and foremost, good maternity clothes should give you comfort and support that you can't get from regular clothing. It's a big investment buying what feels like a whole new wardrobe for just a few months use, so it's really important to look at comfort as well as style.

Check the following when you're looking for comfortable maternity clothes:

  • Quality - is it well made and is it a good fit for your changing body?
  • Materials - are the materials breathable, cool and soft on the skin?
  • Support - does the item give you additional support where you need it?
  • Flexible - can you wear the item with lots of different outfits?

 When did you start wearing maternity clothes? Let us know in the comments below!

Katie X

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