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The blog today is a little bit different! To mark the successful launch of Venosure maternity compression socks, we hopped over to Reddit to take part in an Ask Me Anything session. For those who don't know, Reddit is the largest web forum on the internet, where users can post and discuss any topic! It was great fun and a wonderful chance to answer some of your questions. Here's some highlights for you!


I take it your socks are for wearing during the pregnancy?

In the UK women are given them at birth to prevent deep vein thrombosis.


How easy to put on are they? I know my wife wasn't able to put her own compression socks on due to the bump and them being a lot more difficult than normal socks.


That's cool.

So do they actually reduce water retention, or does it just kinda keep it from hitting the feet/ankles?

We've got a three week old, so this is all fresh in my mind.


Maybe it's just me, but the statement "helps support varicose veins" sounds counterintuitive... Like it helps varicose veins develop instead of eliminating them.

How exactly are these socks different than other compression socks on the market?


 howd you come up with the name?

What is your background? Were you always in the medical field(if you were)? If not in the field of science, how did you feel confident entering a field that is not you expertise?


What other products do you have planned?

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