Summer is on it's way!

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The leaves are out on the trees and the days are getting longer, it can only mean summer is well and truly on its way!

This means days out with the family and lots of fun in the sun. Here in the Venosure office it also means we're busy designing products for Autumn launch. We have lots of exciting new products on their way that take you through from pregnancy to nursing. Stay posted on our social channels for launch info and early bird discounts on the new range. There are some fab new products that make great baby shower gifts too. 

One thing we hear a lot as the weather gets warmer is that women are suffering from sore and swollen feet. That sensation of heavy legs and swelling around the ankles is actually really common, both before during and after pregnancy. 

This happens when blood pools in the lower leg, it can be uncomfortable and get in the way of those essential summer activities! So what can you do about it?

Last summer we wrote a Summer Leg Care guide that outlines some key advice to help you look after your legs this summer. You can find the guide here.

If you haven't already seen them, we also stock a fab range of compression socks, designed specifically to reduce soreness and swelling in the lower legs. These aren't just for maternity use, they can be used at any time when you experience symptoms. The graduated class 1 compression improves circulation and reduces blood pooling in the legs. They are comfortable and easy to put on too! We've helped women around the world (US, Dubai, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, UK!) to use our socks and they've had some fab reviews! Take a look here

Have a great summer! 

Katie x


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