Pick of the week - Ultimate comfort with grey marl maternity tights

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Pick of the week - Ultimate comfort with grey marl maternity tights

Welcome to another fab week! We're kicking Monday off with our latest product pick of the week. This is your chance to get an exclusive insight on our range to see what would work for you. 

venosure maternity model

Today's product pick are Venosure Grey Marl Maternity Tights. When we're pregnant we are looking for items that work with our bodies as they grow, and this was at the forefront of our minds when we were designing these tights. They have some really nifty features built in! For example, the front panel of the tights has been made to grow with your bump, meaning they never get too tight or stop fitting properly! We've also incorporated and anti-roll waistband to keep them there they are meant to be all day long. 

We've worked with a specialist mill in Italy to ensure the highest quality possible (Italy is well known for expertise and quality in all things hosiery!) There are two sizes available, S/M and M/L, you can use the simple size chart at the bottom of the page to see what size would fit you best. We normally suggest if you are between sizes to pick a size up, just to make sure the fit is comfortable. 

There are lots of benefits to wearing grey marl maternity tights. The soft 'brushed cotton' material is breathable yet still warm and comfortable. The colour is a gorgeous mid grey which goes with so many different looks throughout your pregnancy. If you are looking for a versatile maternity clothing item these are a brilliant place to start. maternity tights size chart




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