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Venosure baby changing mat with quotes stylish trend
Last week we hinted that we might have a little surprise for you guys coming up. I'm now delighted to announce we are launching a range of baby changing mats! We've always made maternity and pregnancy products, this is an exciting step into mother and baby, taking Venosure quality through to the next stage in a baby's development. 

Designed with love

Venosure nursery changing mats

Changing our babies nappy is something we do every single day, with love and care, so why can't a baby changing mat reflect that? We set about putting the love back into baby changing with our new designs. Based on much loved quotes with cute illustrations, we hope you agree they're just adorable!
The first design we call "Moon", it features the quote "I love you to the moon and back" on a mid grey background with stars and a moon.
Second is a real classic that we call "Twinkle". The design features the first like of twinkle twinkle little star with a background of mid grey and twinkly yellow stars. Perfect for your little star!
Our final design is more classic: "you are much loved little one" featuring a rustic heart and laurel wreath on a mid grey background. 
The designs are bang on trend, and would compliment any nursery using classic taupe, mid and grey tones. They are also compatible with most baby changing tables, making them easy to fit into your existing style. We love the combination of a rustic charm design with our baby changing mats, it's classic and beautiful. 

Hygenic and easy to clean

It's one thing to have a baby changing mat that looks beautiful, but it has to be easy to live with too! Our changing mats use a special pvc material that is wipe clean and safe for use with babies. Hygeine is especially important, so we've made the mats really easy to clean. 

Comfortable for baby

We favour the goldilocks principal for changing mat comfort, not too firm but not too soft! These mats use a special foam that is comfortable for your baby and that wont lose its shape over time. 

Preorder today

We are now taking preorders on "Quotes" baby changing mats. They are £12.99 and we ship internationally too, for babies all over the world!

Simply click here to get started. 

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