How to wear maternity tights this summer

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How to wear maternity tights this summer

How to wear maternity tights this summer
We all have a pair of tights in the cupboard that we reach for whenever an outfit calls for it. Tights are just so versatile and easy to wear, we love them! Maternity fashion has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, and now maternity tights are super stylish as well as comfortable. There are lots of types of maternity tights, you will see differences in thickness (measured in denier), colour, style and fit. At Venosure, we have teamed up with a top hosiery manufacturer in Italy to make the best quality maternity tights you can buy. 

How to wear maternity tights

The fab thing about maternity tights is that they can be worn in exactly the same way as regular tights. To put them on, roll the tights down and slide them onto your toes. As you pull the tights up your legs smooth them as you go to avoid over stretching the fabric (this extends the lifespan of your tights). The waistband should sit around your tummy, just below your belly button. Venosure maternity tights are made with a special 'anti-roll' strip that prevents them from rolling back down again, making them comfortable all day long. You can wear maternity tights with a wide range of outfits, either dress them up or down, casual or formal.  

Mum-opinion: Anna give us her top tips

Venosure mum maternity tights
Being tall and pregnant, I have always found it challenging to find a pair of tights that fit me well. That was until I found Venosure anti roll tights which has proven to be comfy, well fitting and perfect for accommodating my every growing baby bump. 
These tights are perfect for being able to wear my new maternity dresses as I had got into a habit of wearing black maternity leggings and a t-shirt 100% of the time. I even found a long jumper dress at the bottom of my wardrobe from last year that matches these tights down to the ground.

My maternity tights outfit picks

Maternity tights outfit ideas
The anti roll band at the top of the tights is made from a thin strip of light rubber, I had no problems with them falling down at all. The actual material of the tights are soft yet breathable, offering the perfect combination of comfort and quality. The tights go over the baby bump, with a stretchy panel to accommodate your changing size. Here I wore the tights with a corduroy dungaree dress and a stripey top. 
Maternity tights outfit ideas
 This is my day to day outfit at the moment! As my bump grows the tights gently expand, making them really comfy to wear during the day. 
 Maternity tights outfit ideas
 Here I've teamed Venosure Grey Marl Maternity Tights with a gorgeous knitted dress and a necklace. This is a great outfit for meeting friends and grabbing a coffee, it's relaxed but still feels lovely. 

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