How to clean your baby changing mat

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How to clean your baby changing mat

Take some of the germs out of nappy changes with our handy guide to changing mat hygiene. 

We change our babies up to 12 times a day! Phew! That's a lot cleaning. It's so important to keep your changing station clean and tidy to promote hygiene and reduce germs. It also extends the life of your mat. 

Location is everything! 

Set up your changing station somewhere really practical, with good access to a bin. By keeping nappy changes in the same spot each time, it reduces the spread of germs and mess and speeds up changing time. If you are unable to set up a full on changing table, keep your wipes and mat etc in the same place, making them easy to get out and use. 

Store your changing mat correctly

PVC changing mats are fantastic, they are 100% waterproof, allergen free and provide a soft and comfortable surface for your baby. It is important not to fold your mat, or squash it with heavy objects, which can cause the joins in the PVC to split. Store flat on a changing table, or upright against a wall. 


Cleaning baby changing mat from Venosure

Clean your changing mat every time you use it

It's important to clean your changing mat after every use to prevent the spread of germs. Cleaning a PVC mat is really simple.

We advise using a soft cloth and anti-bacterial spray on the mat after every change. Make sure to clean into all the creases in the mat where germs can hide. You can then wipe the mat clean using a damp soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Dry with paper towels. You can also use disposable anti bacterial wipes for a quick and easy cleaning solution. 

Don't use anything abrasive 

Be careful not to use abrasive cloths or scourers on your baby changing mat. Doing so will damage the mat's surface. The same goes for abrasive cleaning compounds and bleach. 


How to keep baby changing mat clean

Replace your changing mat every 4-6 months

Baby changing mats get a lot of use. Day and night, they have a messy and difficult job to do! As well as keeping a good cleaning schedule, we recommend replacing your baby changing mat every 4-6 months to keep changing time hygienic and safe. Always replace your changing mat if you see splits or tears in the fabric. 

Other baby nappy changing tips

Here are some more top tips to make changing time easier:

  • Keep a nappy bin nearby, and keep it disinfected. Always use a bin liner.
  • Have antibacterial wipes to hand, and wipe down all your equipment and supplies regularly to prevent germs
  • Wash your hands and your babies hands after every change
  • If you have multiples, clean the changing area between each baby.
  • Use distractions! Changing a squirming baby can be a real challenge! Keep a couple of toys or reflective objects nearby to keep them distracted during the change. 
  • Be prepared! Keep an eye on your stock of nappies and wipes and get super organised about changing time, you'll thank yourself later. 


This guide features the Rawr! Dinosaur baby changing mat from Venosure.


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